St Mary's Catholic Primary School: Inclusive Education
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Inclusive Education

Young student helped by older student

At St Mary's the picture to the right reflects the philosophy of all those who work in Learning Support, or as we prefer to call it, The Inclusive Learning Centre.

St Mary's is blessed with an incredible 'Inclusive Education and Equity' program that is fully embraced and supported by all teachers and staff at St Mary's, including our biggest advocate, the school principal. Our goal is to not only support the learning needs of our students, but to most importantly build self esteem and confidence whilst supporting their individual learning needs.

Our clientele come from a wide and diverse background. Our Learning Support Team cater for children who:

  • Have diagnosed social emotional difficulties
  • Are in care of the state
  • Have English as their second language
  • Are listed under the NCCD
  • Meet the criteria for the EAP (Education Adjustment Program)
  • Have learning difficulties
  • Are from an Indigenous background