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An important part of our school curriculum is Religious Education.  Learning about religion promotes the holistic development of the students with an emphasis on the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and aesthetic dimensions of life.   It can help students, whatever their individual religious beliefs and backgrounds, to develop their knowledge, understanding, values and skills thereby assisting them to participate effectively in Australian society. The Religion Curriculum is organised under the interrelated content strands of Beliefs, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer.  Teachers work in collaboration with the APRE and are given the discretion on how to incorporate the outcomes into the classroom setting always mindful of the integrity and importance of the RE outcomes as stated in the syllabus. With this in mind teachers will employ the best teaching practices, strategies, resources and assessment.

At St Mary’s we believe that the “values and beliefs” component of Religious Education is of crucial importance to the achievement of success, especially in terms of confidence, getting along with others and positive attitude.  These virtues and values form a constant benchmark that permeate throughout all KLA’s and are apparent and visible in the day to day life of each and every learner.

We have chosen to encourage the attitudes and beliefs through the “You Can Do It!” program with supplementation being drawn from “The Virtues Program”.  These programs have formed the basis of our behaviour management program throughout the school.  Learners are encouraged to; develop a positive attitude towards Religious Education, work co-operatively with others, value the contribution of others, gain confidence in the application of RE concepts to practical situations as well as knowing when and where to seek assistance, persist when faced with difficulty and develop the awareness that creativity and initiative are encouraged and valued.  We believe that these programs truly allow us to “bring home” the gospel values for the learner of today.