St Mary's Catholic Primary School: Curriculum Vision
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Curriculum Vision

Two Students in class

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, through collaborative teaching and planning, our staff and students are encouraged to:

  • achieve quality educational outcomes 
  • grow in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • learn to work co-operatively
  • take pride in our school and parish
  • take responsibility for their learning.

We strive to provide our students, their parents and our staff with a caring learning environment that is challenging and stimulating, where a range of learning styles and current teaching pedagogies are recognised, and where all are able to develop their own learning future through the lens of our ideal model - Jesus Christ.

Curriculum Organisation

The learning programs at St Mary’s are flexible and practical. All children have the opportunity to actively participate in subjects that are connected with other learning areas.

At St Mary’s we recognise that curriculum coherence and continuity is realised through a common curriculum which the school has developed from the Australian Curriculum.

The common curriculum includes:

  • English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (History and Geography) (Australian Curriculum)
  • Integrated Learning - Technology and Visual Arts (Australian Curriculum)
  • Speciality subjects of Music, Arts (Media, Dance and Drama) and HPE (Australian Curriculum)
  • Religion

The students, teachers and community of St Mary’s School recognise that there are other elements of the curriculum experienced by students including:

  • spiritual enrichment (meditation, class prayer, sacramental programs, parish celebrations)
  • cultural activities (multi–cultural days)
  • extra-curricular sport (eg Challenge Cup, Mick April Shield, Inter-schools sports)
  • artistic activities ( eg drama, show art entries, school productions, Eisteddfod, Rock Pop Mime)