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Parents' Comments from School Review

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As a new parent to St Mary's school I have been extremely impressed with the school's strong sense of community. We have been made to feel very welcome by both parents and teachers alike. The teaching staff I have been exposed to are very impressive. It has been very encouraging to see how much my daughter has grown in this environment - she is thoroughly enjoying school and her self-confidence grows daily. I am grateful we have had the opportunity to be part of the St Mary's school community.

We are very pleased to have our children attend St. Mary’s School. It is a very caring and happy school. The school has a wonderful, positive outlook to teaching & child development. The Principal of the school is very approachable and he and the teachers should be commended for all their hard work & effort.

The staff at this school are very positive and friendly towards children and parents. They are very approachable and willing to help.

I am so happy with the caring staff here at St Mary's. The You Can Do It program is just fantastic. I am so glad we have decided to send our children here.

The Administration Team at St Mary's are second to none. They are approachable, good listeners and very valued by staff. I have found my years at this school very rewarding and we feel privileged as a family to belong to this great school community!

From the warm and friendly office staff, to the principal with personality, the leadership team who plan the curriculum, and to the beautiful teaching staff who care for my children day in and day out - what a fabulous bunch of people - I hope you receive plenty of praise - Thank you!

The school presents as a friendly and welcoming environment where the children seem to be confident and comfortable.

The feeling throughout the whole school is we are one big family and everyone is treated with respect. Students are well behaved not only at school but out of school as well which I believe is a direct correlation of what they are taught at school and how they relate to one another.

Student painting My children have only attended this school. I consider the education provided at a high level. The children of all grades communicate with each other, it is good to see.

The school grounds always look well-presented and tidy.

The school has given our child a great start to his schooling life in encouraging him to be himself and be confident in everything he does. Thankyou St Mary's.

In the 5 years my child has been at St Marys I have seen a great improvement in the school. Both in the positive atmosphere at the school and in the general improvements to the school grounds e.g. playground equipment and covered seating. It is no longer the poor relation of the other Catholic schools in the Mackay area. I have had my older children at St Marys previously and wish they could have experienced the positive caring teaching environment that currently exists. Congratulations to the Principal, Staff and P&F.

I feel St Marys offers the children a safe and happy environment. The staff and principal are always encouraging the students to do their best and encouraging a positive attitude. I think it is a wonderful school.

I would like to commend all the staff for their positive attitude toward our children’s education.

And the grounds people for the way they keep the grounds.

The staff in the office are always friendly, the principal is very approachable once you get to know him.

Student with possum Friendly and approachable staff.

My daughter responds extremely well to the community at St Mary's school. She feels secure and comfortable at all times and this promotes her learning and development.

I think St Mary's "You Can Do It" program and the supporting programs are wonderful. I believe that as a society we undervalue our own worth and watch the world pass us by and thus don't care for the future (both ours & generations to come). It's nice to see that the school is taking a positive role with these programs (not many schools do).

I love the culture of the school; this is a great school.

St Mary’s has a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Staff are very dedicated to encourage the students to reach goals and improve in every aspect of their schooling and home life. Staff are very approachable and have a genuine concern for their students

This is by far the best primary school in Mackay with wonderful leadership.