St Mary's Catholic Primary School: Mission and Vision Statement
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Mission and Vision Statement

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Mission Statement

Our community of St Mary’s School,
following the example of
Jesus and Mary, commits itself
to the overall growth of individuals through encouragement, care, respect.

Vision Statement

St Mary’s School is a community of faith, where priests, chaplain, staff and parents work together in a spirit of Christian co-operation. Their goal is the spiritual, academic, physical and emotional growth of each child.

St Mary’s School, through both formal and informal curricula, develops in all children a sense of his or her own potential. This is achieved through a climate of co-operation rather than competition.

St Mary’s Catholic school nourishes its community with the Word of God, life experiences, Christian living, Gospel values and the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church. The children are assisted to grow in their faith through encouragement, care and example.

St Mary’s School is a vital part of St Mary’s Catholic Parish and each person in its community is helped to experience a sense of belonging. The school strives to foster an awareness of social justice and community pride, while encouraging tolerance and respect for the belief of others. The School co-operates with the Parish and the wider community wherever possible in fulfilling all educational and pastoral needs, with the emphasis on family support.