Catholic Education of Rockhampton-Celebration of Visual Arts

The opening of the Rockhampton Museum of Art has inspired our diocese to celebrate Visual Art across our schools.  To acknowledge, celebrate and lift the profile of the Arts as a highly valued part of every students’ learning St Mary’s has submitted the following 10 entries to be published both online and in hardcopy in term 4 as a collection of works across the diocese. 

Well done to these students and we look forward to viewing these works online later in the year.

Belinda Battaia
Assistant Principal: Curriculum

Entry 1 - Flynn Pace (Sharing Shelter Collage)

Entry 2 - Lara Savige (Cindy Lauper)

Entry 3 -Stella Cullen (The Rock )

Entry 4 - Lishwanth Yuvaraj (Mother)

Entry 5 - Harry Cowan (Robot Moves)

Entry 6 - Milah Breayley (Mum)

Entry 7 - Chloe Moore (Chloe)

Entry 8 - Olivia Rose (Spots and Stripes)

Entry 9 - Elena Vogler (Burger)

Entry 10 - Imogen Taylor (Colour World)