Student of the Week

Week 5, Term 2 Student Award Winners

PCEddie For being so persistent with your letter formations this week. Thank you for putting so much care and effort into your work - keep it up!
PCLindsey The kindness and care you show towards your friends in Prep. You have such a lovely way of making sure everyone feels included!
PPPorsha Wonderful work with all of your Daily 5 activities this week. Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up Porsha!
PPCayden Super work during our carpet learning time. You always put up your hand to share your thoughts and are ready to answer your teachers questions. Keep it up - and thank you for being brave this week!
1BHeidi Displaying the virtue of friendliness. You are a kind and helpful classmate not only to your classmates but your teachers too. 
1BBrooklyn Showing a positive attitude in class. You are so enthusiastic and it is wonderful to see you work hard every day. 
1LClaire For great work on your writing about the excursion.  Your spelling is great!
1LEdie For great work on your writing about the excursion.  Your spelling is great!
2AOlivia For approaching all of your work with a positive attitude and persistence.
2BIzaac Izaac you have put great effort into your spelling and numeracy activities this week. Your achievements are proof of your grit and determination. 
3BNina Stepping up and assisting the relief teachers in Miss Banks' absence. Your maturity and thoughtfulness makes you a shining star this week.
3MCash Your speed and accuracy with calculating change this week. You are a money expert!
4CJack For astounding our class with your knowledge of parables in the Bible. You listened beautifully and recalled the information you had learned. Well Done
4CMackenzie For a notable 'extra' effort with Maths Online this week. We are so proud of how much care you took to answer questions carefully and achieve pleasing results.
4KLincoln Your meaningful contributions during science.  You are a curious and well spoken scientist who is a 'Force' to be reckoned with.  
4KAddison Always having neat book work.  It is a pleasure to read all that you do as it is neat and concise.  Keep it up!
5LHarriet Bang! Boom! Bam! When you find your confidence your knowledge explodes! You nailed maths this week! Way to go! Keep up the positive mindset!
5LAriah You have worked really hard this week on your oral report and narrative assessments. It is such a wonderful sight to see you working so diligently.  Keep up the fabulous effort and application!
5RDean An excellent effort and overall result on your Soundwaves Spelling Assessment.
5RCampbell The effort you are putting into maths lessons. You are asking for helping, trying hard and continuing to push through the challenges.
6MEmmi The grit and determination you bring to every task. You never give up and have the confidence to ask for help when you need it. Great attitude Emmi!
6MLucas Your excellent contributions to science lessons. Your wealth of knowledge enriches many discussion Lucas. 
6VIvy Thank you for being an organised, diligent, hardworking student this term.  You have contributed some great ideas and research towards your group Caritas assignment. Keep up the great work!  
6VHarry Researching and writing some strong reasons to support why QLD will win the 2022 Origin Series for your persuasive task. Although your teacher still does not agree with you, you have certainly come up with some convincing reasons to support your point of view!