Religious Education

Religious Education lies at the heart of Catholic schools. The Religion Curriculum for the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, provides the foundation for Religious Education. It develops children's knowledge and understanding about Christianity in the Catholic tradition, as well as skills and positive dispositions. Our school supports St Mary’s Parish Sacramental Program and liturgical events.

The Religion Curriculum sets out to help children become informed, critical thinkers about religion. We follow the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum. With this in mind at St Mary's we employ the best teaching practices, strategies, resources and assessment.

At St Mary's we believe developing character virtues is of crucial importance to the achievement of success, especially in terms of confidence, getting along with others and maintaining a positive attitude. The nurturing of these virtues permeates throughout all learning, as well as being apparent in the example set by staff and the day-to-day nurturing provided to each and every learner.

The "You Can Do lt!” program, "Virtues Project" and "Making Jesus Real” initiative each support our goal to teach students to love God and to show encouragement care and respect to themselves and others. These programs have formed the basis of our behaviour management program.

Learners are encouraged to; work co-operatively with others, value the contribution of others, gain confidence in the application of concepts to practical situations as well as knowing when and where to seek assistance, persist when faced with difficulty and develop the awareness that creativity and initiative are encouraged and valued. We believe that these programs truly allow us to "bring home" the gospel values for the learner of today.

The Religious Life and Catholic Ethos of St Mary's is supported through stories, hymns, discussions, prayers and liturgical celebrations. Parents and friends are always welcome to join us for special celebrations.