We welcome you to become involved in our school by:

  • Completing the ‘Just one thing’ form sent out at the beginning of each school year
  • Visiting your child’s classroom and joining in to events when the opportunity arises
  • Assisting your child to fully engage in the academic program of St Mary’s by undertaking all homework activities, including nightly reading
  • Discussing any problems or worries with the teacher
  • Keeping up to date by reading newsletters and class notes
  • Offering to share any hobbies, interests or expertise you may have with the school
  • Attending Parents and Friends meetings or seek election to the school board

Regular and adhoc volunteer opportunities are also regularly advertised through our school app and facebook page.

It is imperative that all volunteers at St Mary’s have read our 2022 Induction of Volunteer Guidelines and then contact our office to complete our online agreement.