Health Policy & Medication

All sores and cuts should be treated and covered before children come to school.

Children with infectious diseases such as colds and flu, tonsilities, measles, mumps, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, school sores and head lice etc. must remain at home until well/treated.  If in doubt, please see the Qld Health "Time Out" poster.

If your child has a running nose or the sneezes we would appreciate it if they were kept at home until that stage of the cold has passed, as this is when they are the most infectious.

If your child is asthmatic or anaphylactic, an action plan will need to be provided to the school office.

If your child becomes ill during the day we will have them rest and contact parents so that the child can be taken home.  It is therefore essential that we have your current telephone number.

All medication (prescribed, Panadol, allergy medicine, ashmatha sprays) are to be administered by office staff only and are kept in a locked cupboard in the office.  All medication must be labelled by a pharmacist and be bought to the office with a signed Letter of Authorisation from a parent or caregiver.

For all COVID related illnesses and isolation rules, please refer to current Qld Health Regulations.